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Caliber Asia Ltd
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Causeway Bay,
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Caliber Logistics
Room 415, Building 7, No. 191, Kunming Road,
Hongkou District, Shanghai

Retail store suppliers connected to Caliber’s network

To reach their customers everywhere, retailers are expanding globally. As a result, stores are opening around the world. As a supplier of store materials you find yourself having to export your products to unfamiliar countries, creating challenges and risks such as delays, local regulations and restrictions, special certifications requirements, applicable duties and taxes, etc.

A small selection out of 400+ connected FF&E suppliers

The challenges of shipping store development materials

What are the steps involved in shipping your valuable retail materials to China? What documents are required for customs clearance in India? Are you familiar with the strict regulations for exporting store development materials to Saudi-Arabia?

Many suppliers try to deal with these challenges themselves or they employ a non-specialized freight forwarder to help manage their shipments, but does that provide sufficient guarantees on meeting your customer’s needs?

Competitive rates and visibility, when shipping with Caliber Global

Caliber is employed by some of the largest retail brands to manage their global retail store logistics and we can provide the same services to our connected suppliers for shipping to their other customers. Our significant shipping volumes allow us to always offer competitive rates.

What if you can turn your logistics into a true competitive advantage? A differentiator that, next to speed of delivery, also brings full control and visibility to the status of your shipped store development materials for you and your customers. This is exactly what Caliber Global provides through the use of proprietary technologies and specialized services.

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